Atomic Heart The Day Before Witchfire NVIDIA reveals exclusive gameplay

Atomic Heart, The Day Before, Witchfire: NVIDIA reveals exclusive gameplay of new game elements with DLSS 3

NVIDIA at the GeForce Beyond presentation at CES 2023 told about new games that will receive support for DLSS 3 intelligent scaling technology.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

First, with the release of DLSS 3, post-apocalyptic thriller Atomic Heart, MMO survival shooter The Day Before (the game will also get ray-traced reflections), and fantasy roguelite shooter Witchfire will be enhanced.

Also at the presentation, NVIDIA confirmed the powering of DLSS 3 for two Korean projects – NCSoft’s multiplayer role-playing game Throne and Liberty and Nexon’s fantasy medieval network action Warhaven.

These GeForce Beyond announcements were accompanied by exclusive gameplay videos (see playlist below) demonstrating the benefits of DLSS 3 (and ray tracing in the case of The Day Before).

Among other things, NVIDIA confirmed the addition of DLSS 3 to already published games in its blog. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Dakar Desert Rally, The Cycle: Frontier and Conqueror’s Blade will be available throughout January and Tower of Fantasy in April.

Finally, at the launch of Early Access this year, support for ray tracing and DLSS 3 will feature a space station simulator with elements of tower defense and survival ILL Space.

NVIDIA reports that 17 games have already received support for DLSS 3 and 33 more are on the way. Overall, NVIDIA Smart Scaling has helped improve performance in more than 250 games and applications.


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