Atmospheric and exciting but not enough players appreciated the addition

Atmospheric and exciting, but not enough: players appreciated the addition of The Pale Reach to the fishing horror game Dredge

Developers from New Zealand studio Black Salt Games, together with publisher Team17, have released the first story supplement to their fishing horror Dredge. The Pale Reach add-on is already available on all target platforms.

    Image source: Team17

Image source: Team17

With the addition, the game received a new northern location, several story missions, four types of equipment, 11 types of fish and three new pieces of equipment. The developers have also added the ability to cut a path through the ice using new boat equipment.

In terms of plot, The Pale Reach expansion invites players to find out the reason for the disappearance of the research expedition and learn the story of it “terrible betrayal”. It should take gamers up to three hours to get to grips with the latest content. You can explore the new ice location at any time.

Steam users warmly welcomed the addition. Leave already 101 reviews (85% rating). Players praise The Pale Reach for its atmosphere, style and well-developed new location. True, not as much content was added as many expected – that was the main reason for the dissatisfaction.

Fishing horror game Dredge is available on PC (steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

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