At the virtual exhibition of the Hermitage a visitor tried

At the virtual exhibition of the Hermitage, a visitor tried to “steal” an NFT painting

During the virtual exhibition “Invisible Ether” organized by the State Hermitage, one of the visitors tried to take an NFT painting out of the digital gallery. This is reported by the department of contemporary art of the museum.

Image source: Oleg ZOLOTO

Image source: Oleg ZOLOTO

One of the guests of the exhibition tried to “take away” a piece of digital art, but the Hermitage staff noticed the problem and installed the exhibit in its place. The curator of the exhibition, Dmitry Ozerkov, suggests that the “kidnapper” might not have had malicious intent. According to him, there was a bug: one of the works was not fixed, which allowed one of the visitors to the exhibition “to remove it from the wall.” However, it may have been the world’s first attempt at a virtual theft of a painting.

The Invisible Broadcast exhibition is held entirely in digital format. Visitors can access it through digital devices. All exhibits are NFT files.

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