ASUS releases preview BIOS versions for AMD X670B650 chipsets that

ASUS releases preview BIOS versions for AMD X670/B650 chipsets that support 24GB and 48GB memory modules

ASUS has released the first pre-BIOS versions for motherboards based on AMD 600-series chipsets that have received support for 24GB and 48GB non-binary memory modules. This is reported official forum Manufacturer. However, it is strongly discouraged to use pre-release firmware.

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Supported boards include eight models based on the X670E chipset and one based on the B650. They belong to the ROG Strix, Crosshair and Creator lines – other series have not been mentioned yet. Today, the AMD 600 platform officially supports up to 128GB of memory, and the new firmware opens up support for up to 48GB per slot. This means that systems with a memory capacity of up to 192 GB can be mounted on such motherboards.

Previously, such custom modules could only work on the latest Intel platforms, but this week ASUS confirmed plans to support them with AMD socket AM5 motherboards for Ryzen 7000. Again, we are talking about test BIOS versions not intended for public use.


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