ASUS released a graphics card ROG Strix TouchStone for only

ASUS released a “graphics card” ROG Strix TouchStone for only $ 75 – this is a stylized shift key

A very original accessory went on sale in China: a product called ASUS ROG Strix TouchStone is an unusual cap for one of the keyboard keys, stylized as a discrete graphics accelerator.

Image source: ZFrontier

Image source: ZFrontier

The cap is made of aluminum alloy. It follows the traditional design of ROG Strix graphics cards with a cooling system based on three fans. Oddly enough, the tiny impellers can actually spin – they use miniature ball bearings.

The cap dimensions are 51 × 18 × 11–7.8 mm. It is mainly designed to be installed on the right shift key, but it can also be used with other keys of suitable dimensions.

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The accessories come in a package that mimics the box design of real ROG Strix accelerators. At the same time, the price of the product is quite high – about $75. For such money it is quite possible to purchase a full-fledged gaming keyboard.

Below you can watch a short video demonstrating new items:


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