ASUS has changed its mind about removing the warranty for

ASUS has changed its mind about removing the warranty for using beta versions of BIOS and EXPO profiles on Socket AM5 boards

After receiving heavy criticism from popular tech bloggers and the media about ASUS’ approach to user warranty support as well as the lack of resolution of Ryzen 7000 burn-in issues, ASUS released a statement in which it answered many questions.

    Image source: ASUS

Image source: ASUS

As a reminder, it was previously revealed that ASUS threatened to void the board’s warranty if beta firmware or non-standard memory settings were used (even Expo profiles are not allowed). It has also been reported that some users have already suffered warranty denials. In the current statement, ASUS states that the AM5 motherboard warranty still applies to boards with beta BIOS versions designed to fix Ryzen 7000 voltage issues. In addition, the warranty still covers cases where AMD EXPO and Intel XMP memory profiles are applied DOCP.

The statement also states that all current BIOS updates comply with AMD’s voltage recommendations for Ryzen 7000 processors. It was previously reported that even new BIOS boards continue to experience SoC overvoltage beyond the 1.3V allowed by AMD.

Among other things, ASUS is trying to save face after several well-known websites and YouTube channels have spoken out about the company’s inferior products by promising additional warranties for their products. The company then listed phone numbers and links to tech support in the US, UK, Australia and the EU for those who had problems.

It is likely that someone from ASUS management has drawn attention to the possible damage to the brand’s reputation in the last few days, following which a statement has been made and some additional warranty commitments have been promised in the interest of long-term sales. However, it’s nice to see that the company is working hard not to lose its customers. However, only time will tell how true ASUS’ promises are.


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