ASUS has announced that it will release the second generation

ASUS has announced that it will release the second generation of the ROG Ally portable console this year

ASUS plans to launch the second generation of the ROG Ally portable gaming console in 2024. Arnold Su, head of gaming at ASUS in India, shared this in an interview with Indian publication Techlusive.

    Image source: ASUS

Image source: ASUS

“We will most likely release a second generation of handheld gaming consoles this year.”said an ASUS representative.

He added that the new console will run Windows. There are also plans to pay more attention to various gaming features. Unfortunately, the ASUS representative has not revealed any further details about the future console.

Arnold Su said that in India, the first generation ROG Ally console sold around 70-80,000 units. The main sales came from pre-orders. He added that with the growing gaming market in India, the demand for gaming laptops is increasing.

“If you look at the DIY computer (do-it-yourself gaming desktop PC) segment, it’s a pretty big chunk – about 1 million devices. However, this is not such a meaningful value for branded laptops. However, casual gamers are increasingly choosing gaming laptops that can also be used for everyday tasks.”“, commented Arnold.

He noted that laptop sales have already surpassed desktop gaming PC sales not only in India but also globally. “Hardcore gamers still choose desktops, but most casual gamers choose laptops.”said an ASUS representative.

Speaking to Techlusive, Arnold Su also pointed out that the company will expand production of its PCs in India this year. By 2023, ASUS launched mostly non-gaming PCs in India. In 2024, the company will start producing gaming systems in India.

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