ASUS has affected the performance of the ROG Ally portable

ASUS has affected the performance of the ROG Ally portable console in the new firmware

ASUS ROG Ally console gaming performance drops after installing firmware update to version number 319, which is currently available through MyASUS utility. Prior to its release, ROG Ally received a major software update that significantly improved its performance. However, subsequent BIOS version 319 reduces this performance gain.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

The description of the update notes that the new firmware improves the performance of the set-top box to 9 W in reduced processor power consumption mode. However, tests published by HotHardware show that the picture is exactly the opposite. In addition, the new firmware also reduces the performance of the console in 15W and 25W CPU modes. This is confirmed by the reviews of YouTube bloggers.

    Image Source: YouTube / ThePawx

Image Source: YouTube / ThePawx

ASUS acknowledges the issue. And while firmware 319 fixes some of the errors and bugs of the previous version of the software, company notesthat users do not need to install the new BIOS for the time being. Those who already have it installed can undo the changes using the ASUS EZ Flash utility. True, for some users, this process may seem very complicated. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not give any information on the timing of the next BIOS version that will fix the set-top box’s performance problem.

It should also be noted that AMD has been very slow to update the integrated graphics drivers for its Phoenix series processors (Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen 7 7040U). The manufacturer has not yet bundled its latest release core Radeon driver, which includes support for the Radeon RX 7600 desktop graphics card and the RDNA 3 integrated graphics driver.

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