ASUS confirms that AMD Socket AM5 boards will support 24GB

ASUS confirms that AMD Socket AM5 boards will support 24GB and 48GB memory modules

Manufacturers of RAM modules not so long ago began to produce DDR5 strips with non-standard sizes of 24 and 48 GB. So far, these modules are only supported by the latest Intel desktop platforms, but in the future the AMD socket AM5 platform will also be able to work with new modules. This has been confirmed by ASUS.

    Image source: Asus

Image source: Asus

Currently, custom-size modules are only supported on motherboards with an LGA 1700 socket, ie Intel 600 and 700 series chipsets for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors. Socket AM5 motherboards, i.e. AMD B650, B650E, X670 and X670E chipsets designed for Ryzen 7000 processors, will also get support for custom-sized memory modules.

One of the representatives of the ASUS marketing department reported on the company’s forum that at least the ROG Strix X670-E motherboard model will receive non-binary memory support. To support his words, he published a screenshot demonstrating the operation of four DDR5-5200 modules with a volume of 48 GB each in their assembly. The system recognized all four memory sticks. Thus, the total amount of RAM was 192 GB, which was also confirmed by the built-in Windows tools.

A company representative pointed out that support for non-standard memory sizes became possible with the latest version of the AGESA protocol used in motherboard BIOS. At the same time, he emphasized that some fine-tuning is still needed and he does not yet know exactly when the new firmware for boards with support for installing up to 192 GB of RAM will be available for everyone.


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