ASRock introduced a low profile graphics card connector Intel Arc A310

ASRock introduced a low-profile graphics card connector Intel Arc A310

ASRock has expanded its range of graphics cards with the low-profile model Intel Arc A310 Low Profile. This is the latest solution in the Arc Alchemist accelerator series, which uses an Intel ACM-G11 graphics processor with only six Xe cores.

    Image source: ASRock

Image source: ASRock

The ASRock Intel Arc A310 Low Profile graphics card is equipped with a low-profile cooling system, which the new product adopts from the Arc A380 Low Profile model previously released by the same manufacturer. It has two fans with full stop function when the graphics subsystem is not under load. Despite its compact size, the card occupies two expansion slots.

Like the older model, the ASRock Intel Arc A310 Low Profile is designed for building compact SFF format computer builds, home servers and budget systems that may require support for AV1 encoding or lack integrated graphics.

ASRock Intel Arc A310 Low Profile does not have a factory overclocked GPU. The chip works at a frequency of 2000 MHz. The card received 4 GB of GDDR6 memory with support for a 64-bit interface. The declared power consumption of the new product is 75 W. There is no connection for additional power supply. The equipment includes a DisplayPort 2.0 and an HDMI 2.0b video output.

According to the VideoCardz portal, the new product is not yet available in stores. It is very likely that the card will be found more often in finished OEM assemblies than in retail stores.

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