ASRock has released a mining farm on broken PlayStation 5

ASRock has released a mining farm on broken PlayStation 5 chips

Some European retailers went on sale ASRock mining system based on AMD BC-250 hybrid processors. AMD does not include such products in its range. It is suspected that these are chips that for one reason or another were not suitable for the PlayStation 5 console.

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ASRock is one of those companies that willingly brings mining equipment to the market but doesn’t want its brand to be associated with this industry. The main business of the manufacturer concerns computer components, including motherboards for AMD Ryzen and Radeon graphics cards, as well as enterprise solutions and products for data centers. Mining has not been singled out as a separate business and such products are not accompanied by official announcements, making sources either whistleblowers or retailers.

informant komachi drew attention to ASRock’s mining system, which is based on 12 AMD BC-250 chips. They are believed to be based on the Ariel/Oberon chips from Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles. This isn’t the first time AMD has sold console hardware that hasn’t passed quality control – the company has previously released the AMD 4700S platform on chips that they were originally intended for the Xbox Series X consoles.

The technical characteristics of the mining system do not dictate a separate central processor, so it can be assumed that its functions will be shifted to the accelerators themselves. The system includes 12 AMD BC-250 chips, costs €13,499 and offers a total throughput of 610 Mhash/s. This means that each card has a performance of around 50 Mhash/s and generates around $2 per day. At an estimated price of $999 per APU, it would take between 440 and 530 days for the system to pay for itself.



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