ASRock doesnt release GeForce graphics cards because its not easy

ASRock doesn’t release GeForce graphics cards because it’s not easy

Today, ASRock produces video cards from AMD and Intel – the manufacturer has been collaborating with both companies for several years, focusing primarily on motherboards for desktops and small form factor PCs. It is quite natural that ASRock has expanded its partnership to produce graphics accelerators, but the company is in no hurry to cooperate with NVIDIA. Now we know why.

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With the release of discrete Intel Arc video cards, ASRock quickly began producing them, often being the first to offer non-standard options, for example, the Arc A770. Today it is also one of the most important partners of AMD, having several product names in its assortment, while other partners of the Reds are gradually reducing the production of the Radeon series, for example, MSI. ASRock has a strong foothold in the market and is a popular brand among budget PC builders. The company quickly responds to price cuts and is often the first to release inexpensive models. ASRock has had success producing AMD and Intel graphics, but, despite rumors, has no plans to start producing NVIDIA graphics cards.

In a recent interview with a number of Korean media, an ASRock representative said that the company does not yet intend to release cards based on NVIDIA graphics chips. “This is a rather difficult question. Companies that have both NVIDIA and AMD are ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. These brands have been around longer than we have, and when they were founded, not only ATI and NVIDIA existed, but also manufacturers like Elsa. No one had a dominant position back then. But over time, NVIDIA began to dominate the market, and a world emerged in which the release of NVIDIA graphics cards became prestigious. I think the reasons for this are complicated. From the point of view of ASRock, which currently produces AMD and Intel video cards, it seems difficult for us to immediately begin production of NVIDIA video cards.”– leads the resource VideoCardz statement from a company representative.

The difficult nature of cooperation with NVIDIA is illustrated by the incident with EVGA, which was its partner for many years, and then, due to the conflict, completely abandoned the production of video cards. Due to NVIDIA’s dominant position, ASRock would have to significantly reconsider its graphics product planning strategy when entering into a partnership, and now, an ASRock representative noted, this would be difficult.


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