ASML will acquire various companies to maintain strong growth

ASML will acquire various companies to maintain strong growth

At a recent investor conference, the leadership of Dutch company ASML pledged to increase sales to 60 billion euros a year by the end of the decade. To ensure such a pace of business expansion, as the head of the holding clarified, ASML is ready to acquire core assets. He made such a statement at the groundbreaking ceremony for a training center in South Korea for local customers.

    Image source: ASML

Image source: ASML

The expansion of the geographical scope of ASML centers to train staff of serviced client companies is another distinctive feature of ASML policy in recent years. The company already has a training center in Taiwan, which opened in the summer of 2020, now it’s time to organize a platform for training customer personnel in South Korea. The company invested $181 million in its construction; this unit will be operational by 2024. On its territory, the personnel of Korean ASML customers are trained to work with special devices, and these devices are also repaired.

According to Peter Wennink, CEO of ASML, building a training center in South Korea is just the beginning. The development of the company’s business requires expanding the list of suppliers, that is, at a certain stage not excluded Probability of buying core assets. Recall that by 2025 the company aims to increase its annual sales to 40 billion euros and by a factor and a half by the end of the decade. According to Wennink, even the most favorable overall economic situation does not dampen the demand for ASML products, and the order backlog by the end of next year has by no means decreased as a result.

By mid-decade, ASML hopes to annually produce 90 advanced EUV lithography scanners as well as 600 DUV scanners suitable for semiconductor component production using more mature technology standards. ASML has an almost complete monopoly on the supply of lithographic scanners. It is almost the only company in this market segment based in Europe and not in the US or Japan.

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