As Miyazaki bequeathed the streamer undertook to complete Elden Ring

“As Miyazaki bequeathed”: the streamer undertook to complete Elden Ring using Morse code and has already defeated the first serious boss

Although almost two years have passed since the release of Elden Ring, gamers continue to chase the most sophisticated ways to complete the already hardcore game. This time the community was surprised by the Spanish streamer Silithur.

  Image source: Steam (darkdeus)

Image source: Steam (darkdeus)

As journalists of the publication noted MetroSilithur took on FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy action RPG using just one button.

Silithur configured the system so that commands were transmitted to the game using Morse code. The character performs one or another action, receiving various combinations of long and short signals.

One click – dodge, two clicks – run left (if long) or right (if short), three – hit, four – stand still. It is noteworthy that the streamer uses Morse code throughout the entire game, and not just in battles.

As for progress, by now Silithur has managed to defeat the first serious boss – Mar-gite, guarding the entrance to the Storm Veil Castle (see video of triumph above) – but the streamer has so far defeated Godric couldn’t.

Despite limited progress, users were impressed Silithur initiative and noted that Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki probably intended this way to play the game: “As Miyazaki bequeathed”.

While Silithur is trying to beat Elden Ring using Morse code, fans are languishing without official news about the Shadow of the Erdtree add-on, announced almost a year ago.

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