As good as it gets First teaser trailer for the

As good as it gets: First teaser trailer for the movie “Gran Turismo” with thrilling racing action and Hollywood stars

Sony Pictures Entertainment at the Sony press conference at CES 2023 introduced the first teaser trailer for a feature film based on the PlayStation racing series Gran Turismo.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

As expected, the adaptation is based on the story of Jann Mardenborough, who won the GT Academy program (2011) at the age of 19 and achieved some success in motorsport.

The story in the film will be constructed in a similar way: thanks to his skills, a teenager playing Gran Turismo wins a series of Nissan competitions and becomes a professional racing driver.

The unveiled teaser trailer of Gran Turismo (as the film adaptation is called) is exactly one minute long and features behind-the-scenes footage, clips from the film, key characters and racing action with a third-person camera simulation.

Mardenborough is played by Archie Madekwe. The film also stars David Harbor and Orlando Bloom, the former from Stranger Things and the latter from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

According to the cast, the Gran Turismo series was made for the big screen. The movie will “breathtaking” and “steep” Racing action, drama and loveline. “Could not be better”says port.

Gran Turismo is set to premiere exclusively on August 11 this year in cinemas around the world. It was directed by Neill Blomkamp, ​​​​who previously directed District 9 and Chappie.

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