Around 600 million people use the HarmonyOS operating system and

Around 600 million people use the HarmonyOS operating system, and Huawei is attracting new partners to the ecosystem

In 2019, US authorities imposed strict sanctions on Huawei Technologies, blocking this Chinese company’s access to advanced chip technologies as well as Google’s Android software infrastructure. As a result, the Chinese giant developed the HarmonyOS operating system for client devices and EulerOS for server systems and continues to expand the circle of its users to this day.

    Image source: Huawei Technologies

Image source: Huawei Technologies

At least this can be judged from the publication South China morning postin which excerpts from Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei’s July interview with the former editor-in-chief are quoted Science and technology daily Liu Yadong. As Ren Zhengfei noted, the company he founded will be able to achieve prosperity under the pressure of US sanctions, although this will sometimes be difficult.

According to Ren Zhengfei, there are currently around 30 versions of the HarmonyOS operating system in use in China, installed on smartphones, tablets and industrial equipment, and the total number of platform users reaches 600 million people. Huawei will continue to invest thousands of developers and billions of dollars in the development of this ecosystem every year, including the EulerOS server. More and more Chinese industry representatives are willing to use the latter. In addition, the authorities at the company’s Shenzhen location intend to stop using foreign operating systems in critical areas of their activities as early as 2025.

Huawei’s enterprise cloud ecosystem runs on the EulerOS platform, and other industrial partners in China will also connect to it. What is noteworthy is that, despite all the tough US sanctions against Huawei, the company’s founder does not consider it shameful to adopt the best experiences of Americans. At least he is convinced that so that Huawei can increase its human and scientific potential, China must create conditions for specialists and developers that are just as attractive as the United States.

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