Arm cores will be in demand given the growing interest

Arm cores will be in demand given the growing interest in artificial intelligence, the company boss says

British Arm recently reported quarterly revenue growth of 28% to $746 million, with $446 million in royalties, up 12% from the same period in 2021. The company was able to increase revenue amid falling demand for smartphones due to a increasing the number of cores in processors and customers moving to more modern architectures. According to Arm’s leadership, it will successfully adapt to growing interest in artificial intelligence systems.

    Image source: David Paul Morris, Bloomberg

Image source: David Paul Morris, Bloomberg

In an interview with a TV station Bloomberg Arm CEO Rene Haas said: “I think the area where we will do well is energy efficiency. These new AI algorithms are intense, and in a world where there isn’t much energy to solve this problem, this feature will be critical.”. Artificial intelligence systems added Rene Haas, use “a huge number of computing cycles”which should also contribute to the popularity of processors with ARM architectures in this segment.

In addition, the head of Arm sees cloud computing and the automotive segment as the areas with the most active business growth for the company in the short term. In the automotive sector, ARM architectures are already used in 85% of the processors that power in-flight infotainment systems and 55% of the processors that form active driver assistance systems. Successful business diversification will allow the company to weather the current market downturn better than most other players, Haas said. He also noted that preparations for Arm’s return to the stock market are well under way and the company’s IPO could take place later this year.

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