Arctic has stopped producing MX 5 thermal paste soon it

Arctic has stopped producing MX-5 thermal paste – soon it will be replaced by MX-6

Arctic is famous for its thermal compounds and the newest member of the MX family, Arctic MX-5, is recognized by many experts as one of the best thermal compounds on the market. However, it will soon be replaced by MX-6 thermal compound, which is said to offer better performance.

Network sources recently noted that the Arctic MX-5 has been moved to the End of Life section, which includes products that have come to the end of their lifecycle. In other words, Arctic has stopped making MX-5 thermal paste. However, it turned out that the company is preparing the introduction and release of its successor – MX-6.

It’s actually quite unexpected that Arctic has already stopped producing the MX-5 – this thermal compound was only introduced 1.5 years ago. For such a product, this is a fairly short period of time. For comparison, the previous generation of thermal compound – Arctic MX-4 – was released more than 10 years ago and is still in production. Yes, and Arctic still releases the MX-2, which was released even earlier as a budget solution.

As for the future Arctic MX-6, its images have already appeared on the web, and moreover it is already in the Amazon range, but there is no paste available. In Germany, the new thermal paste costs 28.81 euros per 4 grams. By the way, the container has not changed – it is a syringe. The color scheme has changed slightly – turquoise has become the main color instead of a bunch of blue and gray.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the characteristics of the Arctic MX-6. Most likely it should outperform the MX-5 in terms of performance. The latter has a thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/m∙K, which is a good indicator for mainstream thermal compounds, but lags behind solutions for overclockers like Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Perhaps the novelty Arctic will be closer to the competitor. Additionally, the new AMD and Intel processors promise to get hotter, so they clearly need quality thermal paste.


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