AR technology inventor considers the metaverse more dangerous than social networks

It is not yet possible to predict the consequences of the creation of a metaverse or multiple metauniverses. As tech giants increasingly integrate our world with augmented and virtual reality, the risk to users increases. One of the first developers of AR systems, Louis Rosenberg, warned about possible threats to humanity.

Image source: Pexels /

Image source: Pexels /

A well-known researcher and entrepreneur, Rosenberg, is the head of Unanimous AI, and in 1992, based on his developments, the first AR-system Virtual Fixtures was introduced, designed for training pilots of the US Air Force. In his opinion, the metaverse may turn out to be more dangerous for users than any social networks.

Rosenberg believes that the goal of augmented reality in general and the metaverse in particular is to showcase virtual content in its most natural form. This means that the AR system can “Change the sense of reality”, blurring the boundaries of the possible in the mind and distorting the interpretation of daily experience.

“Personally, I find it intimidating. Because augmented reality fundamentally changes all aspects of society and not necessarily for the better. “– said Rosenberg. In his opinion, augmented reality will soon become the main one in all aspects of life, and he is concerned about the “legality of use” of such systems by social media platforms that will control the infrastructure.

Social media is already manipulating reality by filtering out what audiences are allowed to see, Rosenberg said. Every day, users increasingly depend on corporations to provide and maintain the countless technological layers used for manipulation. “The fact is, we are now living in perilous times, and augmented reality has the potential to increase danger to levels we have never seen before.”, – the expert considers.

Image source: Pexels /

Image source: Pexels /

He warned that integrating augmented reality into our lives is essentially a one-way ticket. In order to get rid of virtual problems, it will be impossible to simply take and remove an AR headset. This will mean that the citizen will immediately lose a number of advantages in the social, economic and intellectual spheres.

However, Rosenberg does not deny the potential benefits of such technologies: “Don’t get me wrong. Augmented reality can enrich our lives in wonderful ways. “… Surgeons will be faster and better at handling operations, he said, builders, engineers and scientists will benefit greatly from such systems, and a revolution will take place in entertainment and education.

At the same time, the scientist urges to be careful, since technology can potentially split society and sow discord in it. With the full text of the scientist’s article can be found on the Big Think website.


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