Apples mixed reality device is slated to ship this fall

Apple’s mixed reality device is slated to ship this fall

Agency Bloomberg continues to stay abreast of Apple’s pre-announcement activities and announces throughout 2023 that the company needs to focus on releasing the long-awaited mixed reality device. The official announcement will be made in the spring of this year, applications for new items will be demonstrated in June and the delivery of the series product will begin in the fall.

    Image Source: Bloomberg, David Paul Morris

Image Source: Bloomberg, David Paul Morris

Such a schedule, according to the well-known columnist Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman), will be followed by Apple and its partners in the development of applications this year. Leading application developers have already received samples of the device, rumored to be called Reality Pro, to present the first fruits of their labor ahead of the WWDC conference in June. The xrOS operating system for a new device type appears under the internal name “Borealis”.

In general, according to the source, the new year will not bring any revolutionary changes for the Apple product line. In the first half of the year, updated MacBook Pro laptops with 14- and 16-inch displays will appear, which will receive new processors M2 Pro and M2 Max. As already mentioned, the version of the Mac Pro with a processor with 48 cores and 152 graphics cores has been dropped, and a more modest version based on the M2 Ultra will be released in its place. Unlike systems in this series that are based on Intel processors, the new Mac Pro, which is based on Apple’s own processor, will lose the ability to add RAM by the user as everything will be soldered onto the motherboard. However, expansion slots for solid state drives and additional cards should be retained.

The possibility of a 2023 release of the 24-inch iMac Pro remains in doubt. Most likely, according to the source, it will not appear until the end of this year or early next year, when the new M3 processor will already be available. A 15-inch MacBook Air may appear later this year, but a new 12-inch MacBook isn’t in the company’s plans just yet.

Larger iPads are unlikely to launch later this year, and existing iPad Pro models with 11- and 13-inch displays will not be upgraded until the first half of next year. Along with the design update, the devices will also get OLED displays. Tablets iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air, if updated later this year then only slightly. The same goes for Apple’s wearable devices, which include the Watch and AirPods wireless headphones. The HomePod can be updated with the S8 processor, but the Apple TV set-top box won’t be updated this year.

By redirecting developer resources to the xrOS platform for a mixed reality device, Apple will also be able to implement fewer innovations in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, not to mention macOS 14. Pro will get a titanium frame instead of steel. Sound buttons are becoming touch-sensitive, and along with faster processors, Apple smartphones are getting a unified USB-C charging port.

Apple will also be rolling out augmented reality capabilities to its offline stores in the near future. Buyers can get information about the product simply by pointing their smartphone camera at it. According to Bloomberg, the introduction of services such as installment payments and subscription equipment rentals has been delayed. Apple’s earnings report is due out on Feb. 2, while analysts expect revenue to fall 1% to $122.8 billion from the same period last year.

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