Apples intention to use Chinese YMTC flash memory angered US

Apple’s intention to use Chinese YMTC flash memory angered US authorities

Back in late March, Bloomberg reported that Apple was considering using Chinese-made YMTC solid-state storage as part of its mobile devices, and with the release of new generation smartphones, this issue has found a second life in an unexpected context. According to American parliamentarians, Apple could face sanctions from the US authorities if they cooperated in this way.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Two Republican US Senators, Marco Rubio and Michael McCaul, who are responsible for intelligence and foreign policy in the US Parliament, it is said financial times, criticized Apple’s likely decision to use Chinese brand YMTC memory chips in the production of the iPhone 14. Should such steps be implemented by the manufacturer, Marco Rubio promised to subject Apple to an unprecedented scrutiny by US federal government standards. In his opinion, the presence of products from companies controlled by the Chinese authorities in millions of devices used by Americans in national telecommunications networks should not be allowed.

Apple only responded to such requests by refusing to use YMTC memory in all products, but admitted that it was trying to study the possibility of using it in the assembly of certain iPhone models intended for sale in China domestic market are determined. In any case, such devices should not have appeared outside the country. In addition, all data stored in the memory of Apple mobile devices is fully protected by encryption.

In April this year, it became known that the US authorities were interested in YMTC in connection with deliveries of its memory chips to Huawei Technologies, which fell under the sanctions. According to the senators, if Apple and YMTC cooperate, the inevitable exchange of experiences will allow the latter to strengthen China’s position in the technology field. As early as July this year, US lawmakers took the initiative to put YMTC on the “black list” of Chinese companies forbidden to work with any manufacturers using technology of American origin. The concerns of the US authorities are also caused by the alleged active subsidization of YMTC by the PRC authorities, which ultimately allows this company to sell memory at below cost and against the rules of fair competition in the world market violated

YMTC is the leading solid state memory manufacturer in China not only in terms of performance but also in terms of technology. It has at least recently mastered the production of 192-layer 3D NAND chips, albeit still at engineering-pattern status, but globally, it suggests the Chinese manufacturer, founded in 2016, is converging with industry leaders in terms of technical capabilities.

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