Apples augmented reality headset will be the first product not

Apple’s augmented reality headset will be the first product not influenced by Steve Jobs

It is expected that in June this year Apple will present the first generation augmented reality device at the traditional conference for developers. For Tim Cook (Tim Cook), this debut will be a serious test as Apple boss and successor Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), who died in 2011. All of the company’s innovations to date have somehow come about under its influence.

    Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

As explained financial times, even smartwatches Apple Watch were developed in one way or another under the influence of one of the founders of the company Steve Jobs, not to mention the iPhone or iPad. The augmented reality headset, which will be launched this year, will be the first new product category that Apple has developed exclusively under the leadership of Tim Cook (Tim Cook) and his collaborators. According to the source, the Apple Watch and AirPods, released a year later in 2015, drew on previously formulated ideas, and the company didn’t start developing a future AR/VR headset “from the ground up” until 2016.

Over the past seven years, the sources explain, there’s been a battle within Apple between a fading industrial design team and operational executives like Tim Cook himself. Designers have tried to delay announcing the headset until the technology is a really lightweight device without sacrificing functionality. Judging by the previous Bloomberg revelations, which credited the first generation of Apple headsets with the presence of fans in the cooling system, a remote battery and the ability to work for no more than two hours without charging, we can safely count on the triumph of the Tim Cook supporters on the traditional snobbery of a group of designers. Incidentally, the latter lost its leader in 2019 in the face of veteran Jony Ive, whose functions have since been divided into two personnel posts. At the same time, Quince’s successor, Evans Hankey, admitted in October last year that she would be leaving the company in six months.

Formally, four of the 12 people in Apple’s senior management team have grown exactly in the line of operational management, including CEO Tim Cook himself. Chief designer Jony Quince never had a full-fledged successor. It feels like a pragmatic approach is taking hold, and Tim Cook hopes to use a less-than-perfect first-generation augmented reality device to simply kick-start what is still a relatively young market segment. Even if Apple could only sell 1 million headsets in the first year after its debut, that would account for about 10% of the global market for such devices. The software ecosystem will get a boost for the development of core applications, and when a more advanced version of the Apple headset appears in the future, there will already be a decent demand in the market.

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