Apple Wont Introduce VRAR Headset at WWDC 2023 in June

Apple Won’t Introduce VR/AR Headset at WWDC 2023 in June – Now Isn’t the Time

Apple will most likely not launch the VR/AR headset, which is expected to be called Reality One or Reality Pro, at the upcoming WWDC 2023 developer conference, which opens its doors on June 5. This assumption was made by a well-known analyst from TF Securities Ming-Chi Kuo.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

According to Kuo, under a number of circumstances, Apple may have concluded that its VR/AR headset will not receive the expected positive reception from the market. As a result, the company is postponing the start of production of the device by 1-2 months to the third quarter of 2023. Accordingly, the announcement of the device will be postponed.

Kuo notes that Apple’s understanding is that interest in its virtual and augmented reality headset may now be downgraded. This is due to the global economic crisis; the compromises the company had to make to get the device ready for production; insecurity with the ecosystem; and not very flattering reviews about the device from application developers who have already met it.

The analyst predicts that Apple’s headset will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 and possibly more. Still, the company hopes to sell nearly 300,000 of these devices by the end of this year. Apple will sell “about a million” virtual and augmented reality headsets in a full first year of sales, according to Bloomberg analysts.

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