Apple will warn users of “government” cyberattacks

Apple said it will continue its practice of notifying users who are victims of cyberattacks by government agencies. The company detailed the mechanisms by which it will inform the owners of its devices about such incidents.

Image source: Gerd Altmann /

Image source: Gerd Altmann /

The user who has become the target of such cyber attacks will receive appropriate notifications by e-mail, as well as in iMessages, sending the necessary information to the addresses and phone numbers associated with Apple ID. By visiting, the user will also receive a “threat notification” detailing what happened and when.

The company emphasized that these notifications will never recommend to click on a link, download content or share login information, including passwords and verification codes – all details will be provided only on the Apple ID page. Apple has also provided a list of resources in case the user is sure that they were attacked, but did not receive a corresponding notification.

This practice is not new. For example, Google has been notifying its users for years when it receives confirmation of the facts of cyberattacks. Apple’s explanations appear to be relevant in light of concerns about spyware from the NSO Group and other developers – such tools are sometimes used by government departments around the world to harass activists and dissidents. We will remind, more recently it became known that Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli NSO Group.

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