Apple will switch the charging port to USB Type C in

Apple will switch the charging port to USB Type-C in the next iPhone generation

It’s very likely that the next-gen iPhone will get a USB Type-C port for charging. The reason for this will be the law passed in the European Union, which stipulates that smartphones, tablets and other electronics sold in the EU must only be equipped with USB Type-C connectors. Given the size of the market in the region, Apple will have to make concessions and ditch the proprietary Lightning.

    Image source: Solen Feyissa/

Image source: Solen Feyissa/

The law was passed by the European Parliament on Tuesday and calls for the switch to uniform charging by the end of 2024.

According to CCS Insight senior analyst Ben Wood, Apple will “inevitably” capitulate with the iPhone 15 and switch to USB Type-C iPad Pro, the conversion process has actually already begun. Since the iPhone 14 didn’t bring any notable changes in terms of design, the iPhone 15 is likely to have more significant updates – this is the perfect time to introduce a new port.

Back in May, Bloomberg reported iPhone tests with USB Type-C, but sources warned new items wouldn’t appear until 2023. IDC believes that if Apple switches to USB Type-C for Europe in 2023, the American tech giant will move to a new way of charging and iPhones in other regions — unless the company decides it’s not wasting too much money on proprietary chargers and accessories earned will simply give them up. However, experts assume that Apple will actually be preparing for the switch over the next two years.

European law has been developing for about 10 years. European lawmakers argue that using different standards for charging is contributing to an increase in waste, and innovation will allow customers not to buy a new charger with every new smartphone.

According to Wood, this is a “victory of common sense”. Although Apple fans have a large number of devices that charge via the Lightning connector, given the ubiquity of USB Type-C, Apple’s use of this standard makes a lot of sense.


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