Apple will start selling next generation Indian iPhones at the same

Apple will start selling next-generation Indian iPhones at the same time as Chinese ones for the first time

Apple has started releasing the iPhone 13 in India by April 2022, shortening the delay in its localization plan from China to eight to nine months. With the iPhone 14, the delay was reduced to three weeks. As expected, Indian buyers of the iPhone 15 will receive locally assembled smartphones on the first day of sales of new products in this country.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

At least that’s what it says Bloomberg citing our own sources who wish to remain anonymous. It is noteworthy that the latest Apple smartphones assembled in India will also arrive in the markets of some other countries, although China will remain the place of production of the majority of the iPhone 15 released this year. The official debut of the new products will take place today, but the start of sales will be distributed by region with a delay of several days to several weeks.

Bloomberg recalls that Foxconn Technology Group began assembling the iPhone 15 for Apple’s needs last month in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. However, it is possible that unforeseen logistics issues could result in slight delays in the delivery of the India-made iPhone 15 outside the country. By the end of March, Apple increased the share of smartphones manufactured in India in the structure of its international shipments to 7%. Two more Apple partner companies in India are expected to start assembling the latest iPhone 15 series smartphones soon. At the same time, the Wistron company is to come under the control of the Indian company Tata Group. This year, Apple opened its first two branded stores in India; the ceremony was attended by CEO Tim Cook, who has taken every opportunity in public appearances in recent months to emphasize how important the Indian market is to the company.

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