Apple will speed up iPhone 15 charging but Samsung and

Apple will speed up iPhone 15 charging, but Samsung and Xiaomi still charge faster

The upcoming iPhone 15 is expected to support faster USB Type-C charging, which could be a response to European Union (EU) demands and competition from other manufacturers.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The closer the date of the iPhone 15 announcement, the more rumors and speculations about possible innovations in the next Apple smartphone. Some iPhone 15 models reportedly support up to 35W charging. In comparison, the current iPhone 14 series supports 20W fast charging, which allows you to charge the device by 50% in just 30 minutes.

There are indications that the iPhone 15 will get a USB Type-C connector instead of the usual Lightning. This could be due to Apple’s decision to comply with EU requirements and move to a single USB-C standard by 2024. However, it is not yet clear if this transition will be complete or will only affect certain models sold only in Europe.

However, even the alleged increase in iPhone 15 charging speeds won’t be that impressive compared to the competition. For example, Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra models support 45W charging, Lenovo ThinkPhone 68W and Xiaomi 13 Pro can support 120W charging, charging the 4820mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

Apple continues to look for ways to improve its products, and fast charging is one of the main needs of today’s users. However, even if the rumors are true, Apple will still have serious competitors offering even faster solutions.


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