Apple will scan the heads of Vision Pro buyers

Apple will scan the heads of Vision Pro buyers – AR headsets will be sold by appointment

According to analysts, Apple plans to gradually launch its $3,500 Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, followed by demos at certain Apple Stores Bloomberg Mark Gurman.

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The device’s phased release for sale reflects “Niche and complex nature» Devices – The company followed a similar strategy in 2015 with the release of the Apple Watch. To purchase the Vision Pro, the prospective customer must make an appointment at the store and bring a prescription for prescription glasses, if available. In retail there will be dedicated areas for working with demo copies of Vision Pro – there will also be tools to determine the sizing of accessories for each user.

The company wants to make sure that the customer gets a device that suits them and provides a clear enough picture. Apple even developed an app for the iPhone and released a head scanning device to ensure the headset fits snugly and blocks out light. Demo space will initially be available at major Apple Stores in Los Angeles and New York, with subsequent availability across the United States. The device is scheduled to go on sale in Great Britain and Canada at the end of 2024, followed by Europe and Japan.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s most important product in recent years and one of the most complex devices the company has ever built. It’s a lot more expensive than other consumer VR headsets, and the manufacturer reckons it’ll initially get the average buyer interested in the idea of ​​mixed reality. Apple also has some problems with the production of the device – the release program had to be reduced from 900,000 to 400,000 due to micro-OLED displays.

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