Apple will rely on in store demos to sell its Vision

Apple will rely on in-store demos to sell its Vision Pro augmented reality headsets

In his regular Sunday roundup, Mark Gurman talks about the resource pages Bloomberg explained how important it will be for Apple to promote the Vision Pro augmented reality headset through consultations in offline stores, for which customers must register in advance. This practice once paid off when the Apple Watch smartwatch was launched.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The Vision Pro augmented reality headset will be a new product category for Apple, which will not be numerous in terms of sales volumes in the early stages of its market presence due to several factors. The company will begin selling this $3,500 device in U.S. stores starting early next year.

On its quarterly earnings call this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated: “A product like vision There has never been a Pro before, which is why we deliberately advertise it only in our company branches in order to pay more attention to the last mile segment. We will be demoing in stores and it will be a very different shopping experience than usual.”. You can’t just walk into a store, pick up a Vision Pro headset and immediately leave, as Apple’s CEO said.

Back in July, Mark Gurman reported that the Vision Pro purchase process was accompanied by a preliminary demonstration of the device’s capabilities in the company store. In order to take part in such a “test drive”, you must register in advance. Special areas will be provided in major Apple brand stores for Vision Pro demonstrations. Geographic expansion of the new product will be limited; Vision Pro will initially be sold in the US and the device won’t be released in the UK and Canada until late next year.

Typically, the company also only sold the Apple Watch at launch after an initial demonstration of the new product in stores, although it returned to normal sales practice after a few weeks and it started appearing in major third-party electronics sales networks fairly quickly. With Vision Pro you don’t have to expect a similar expansion scenario. The headset requires serious customization, in addition to its high price, which is a natural barrier to purchase: from the size of the strap that holds it to the user’s head to the inclusion of lenses for buyers with visual impairments.

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