Apple will release an update for the iPhone 12 that

Apple will release an update for the iPhone 12 that resolves claims from French regulators

Public interest in the iPhone 12, which is giving way to newer smartphones, increased this week due to the temporary ban on sales in France. This is because the electromagnetic radiation from a smartphone exceeds the levels permitted by regional regulations. A number of countries have already expressed their willingness to follow France’s lead, but Apple has demonstrated its willingness to address regulatory concerns by releasing a software update for the iPhone 12.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Judging by the publication BloombergThis update is distributed to smartphones of this model operated in France. We recall that the country’s authorities gave Apple two weeks to fix the problem. It looks like the company can meet the deadline. “This refers to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and does not pose a risk to the safety of users.” – Apple representatives explained the discrepancy found. According to company officials, a software update will bring everything back to normal.

Previously, it became known that Apple did not want to make the situation public and give rise to all kinds of speculation, and therefore instructed technical support staff not to provide information about this problem when customers had questions. Requests for the return or exchange of smartphones of this series were also rejected due to detected non-compliance with the requirements of the European Union, with the exception of copies purchased no more than two weeks, since in this case the goods can be returned without giving any reason. Apple employees had to convey to customers that the brand’s products are safe and subject to the strictest controls according to all necessary criteria. Measurements carried out by Apple itself and an independent laboratory showed no deviations in the level of electromagnetic radiation from iPhone 12 smartphones, as noted in Publications Bloomberg.

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