Apple will focus on improving comfort and reducing weight with

Apple will focus on improving comfort and reducing weight with the new Vision Pro headset

Technically, Apple is just getting ready to start shipping its first-generation Vision Pro augmented reality headsets, but work is already underway to develop successors. According to informed sources, engineers are faced with the task of using them more conveniently.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

He spoke about this in his traditional Sunday excerpt from the pages Bloomberg Mark Gurman. As the story progresses, parallels to the meta-device are regularly drawn Quest 3 and its possible successors, but if you focus on Apple’s developments, the essence of the changes is to reduce the weight and overall dimensions of the headset, as well as increase the comfort of use for those who are forced to wear glasses .

Now, as the source explains, in the first generation Vision Pro the problem of integrating lenses with diopters is solved through a compromise method. In order not to increase the depth of the headset body, Apple specialists refused to combine the device with regular glasses that correct the user’s vision. Instead, an agreement was reached with the optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on the possibility of producing lenses that are magnetically attached directly to the surface of the device display.

Apple could supply headsets with lenses already installed for a specific buyer, but this would entail the need for a license to sell medical devices. Secondly, such an adjustment would limit the possibility of selling a used device on the secondary market. Even if the lenses are used by the same user, they may need to be replaced with others over time.

Over time, the problem of a bulky design could fade into the background if Apple returns to the idea of ​​making compact augmented reality glasses. If the virtual component were completely eliminated, such glasses could be made more compact. They would be easier to wear all day, while the Vision Pro in its current form can cause neck pain for some users, although Apple has tried to redistribute the weight of the device due to the shape of the holder and the appearance of a structural element in the back of the user’s mind .

Work on lightweight AR glasses, as Bloomberg clarifies, was stopped by Apple a year ago because the company did not have the technology to produce them. The company’s boss, Tim Cook, was very upset about this, as he saw the development of augmented reality glasses as a priority. Perhaps this work will be resumed at some point in the future.

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