Apple will create its own ChatGPT but for now has

Apple will create its own ChatGPT, but for now has banned its employees from using other people’s ChatGPT

With the explosive popularity of generative neural networks like Open AI’s ChatGPT, it’s reasonable to assume that many large IT companies are planning to launch their own counterparts. One such company might be Apple, as the iPhone maker is currently actively expanding its AI workforce.

    Image source: Placidplace/

Image source: Placidplace/

There are currently 176 job openings on Apple’s US site in the company’s AI and machine learning areas. At the same time, 43 new vacancies appeared this month, 68 vacancies related to the voice assistant Siri, 52 vacancies – with iOS and 46 vacancies – with macOS. Some of the vacancies relate to developments in different areas.

If you sort vacancies by combination “artificial intelligence”, then 88 sentences remain. When you add the word to the search “generative”, then the number of positions offered will be reduced to 48 units. At the same time, the word “generative” can be found in the title of several job postings: Research Engineer Multimodal Generative Modeling, Research Engineer Visual Generative Modeling, Machine Learning Engineer – Generative AI, Applied Research Researcher – Generative AI, etc.

Earlier it was reported that Apple froze the process of recruiting new employees. However, new job offers indicate that the company has no intention of refusing to work in the areas that are most relevant at the moment. Earlier this year, Apple announced its intention to move closer to generative AI. “conscious and thoughtful”and this week it was revealed that the company’s employees were banned from using AI bots in their workplaces to prevent data leakage.

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