Apple will be forced to open access to the contactless

Apple will be forced to open access to the contactless payment system to third parties

Apple is notorious for its reluctance to allow competing companies and third-party developers into its own ecosystem, and so far the Apple Pay service, which lets you pay for one-touch purchases in terminals, remains under its control. European antimonopolists are already preparing to break this state of affairs by giving other companies access to the profile function of Apple devices.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

As he explains in his latest post BloombergApple is already considering the possibility of allowing third-party applications to accept payments on branded devices via the NFC interface. There is no talk of payments yet, but the NFC data exchange function can already be used to scan information from various types of tags and unlock electronic locks. Gradually, the EU antitrust authorities could convince Apple to fully open the NFC infrastructure on devices of this brand.

So far, payments via Apple Pay can only be made through a proprietary application. Apple initially stated that such exclusivity was a matter of security and privacy. Some sources believe that commission deductions from this service earn Apple as much as $1 billion a year. Considerable by general standards, the amount for the company itself isn’t that big, as it helps out at least $20 billion in the service segment in just one quarter.

However, the contactless payment service is growing in popularity, and now up to 20% of all Visa card transactions in the US are contactless. In a few years, that share can grow many times over, and Apple’s revenue will grow proportionately. The company is not willing to miss the opportunity to make money from contactless transactions alone. However, given the confrontation between Apple and antitrust authorities, the liberalization of the conditions for accessing NFC on the company’s devices is only a matter of time.


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