Apple will automatically add most iPhone and iPad apps to

Apple will automatically add most iPhone and iPad apps to the new Vision Pro Headset App Store

Apple plans to automatically integrate iPhone and iPad apps for its new Apple Vision Pro headset into the new App Store. As early as autumn, the company will release a beta version of visionOS in which this integration will be implemented.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Apple is actively preparing to launch a new app store for its innovative mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. One of the main features of this store will be the automatic integration of all compatible applications for iPhone and iPad. On Tuesday, the company confirmed that the new Apple App Store will roll out to developers alongside the visionOS beta in the fall.

In addition to visionOS apps, the new App Store also offers iPad and iPhone apps. Apple emphasizes that the transfer of applications from iOS and iPadOS to the new mixed reality operating system will be automatic and without additional efforts from developers. However, if needed, developers can tweak their applications to work better on the Apple Vision Pro.

By default, apps from your iPad and/or iPhone are automatically available in the Apple App Store on Apple Vision Prosaid Apple. Most of the tools and frameworks used on iPadOS and iOS will also be available on visionOS. This means that most iPad and iPhone apps can run on visionOS without any modifications.

In addition, developers have the opportunity to create unique applications for Apple Vision Pro using the visionOS Software Development Toolkit. Since July of this year, Apple has been accepting applications for developer kits for the Apple Vision Pro headset, allowing specialists to get acquainted with the new product in advance. We should expect more details on Apple’s plans for the Vision Pro headset during the iPhone 15 presentation, which is scheduled for September 12th.

Apple’s initiative to automatically add apps from iPhones and iPads to the App Store for the Apple Vision Pro could be critical to the mixed reality app ecosystem. This approach will simplify the task for developers and accelerate the adoption of the new platform among users.

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