Apple Watch Series 7 lost the hidden diagnostic connector

The diagnostic connector has been present on all Apple Watch smartwatches since its launch. In the new Watch Series 7, the company has officially abandoned its use. Hidden in the lower strap, the connector for Apple’s internal use has not been officially mentioned either on the company’s website or in the documentation.

Apple did not implement any features available to users through this connector, although it could be used to charge the watch. This claim has been confirmed by accessory maker Reserve Strap, which has released an integrated battery strap that plugs directly into the diagnostic port. In addition, the watch was charged faster through this port than with the original charger. Unfortunately, Apple quickly blocked this opportunity. After that, the connector was used only for internal Apple purposes, such as diagnostics and software repair of the watch.

Of course, Apple still needs a way to diagnose the Apple Watch, and it looks like it replaced the mysterious connector with an equally mysterious 60.5 GHz wireless module. It connects to a magnetic docking station capable of transmitting service commands. This has led to speculation that Apple is using the Watch Series 7 as a test platform for the upcoming iPhone, which is credited with abandoning the physical interface connector.

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