Apple VR Mixed Reality Headset is not designed for the

Apple VR Mixed Reality Headset is not designed for the Metaverse

Apple is expected to release its first mixed reality headset later this year. According to the latest newsletter from Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, Apple has not endorsed the meta-concept of using a headset as an “all-day device”. According to Gourmet’s sources, such an idea is “prohibited” in the company and the Apple headset will be primarily focused on viewing content, playing games, and short-term communication.

Concept by designer Antonio De Rosa

Concept by designer Antonio De Rosa

If Gourmet’s information is correct, Apple’s approach to mixed reality will be very different from the concept of meta. While Meta relies on the use of the Metaverse for its AR and VR strategy, Apple seems determined to go the other way.

Apple’s strategy, sources reported, could pay off if the Metaverse gets into trouble, throws Meta’s plans, and undermines user interest in virtual worlds. If Meta succeeds in this direction, however, Apple could be among the losers.

Although rumors about a future Apple headset have been circulating on the Internet for some time, its properties and target group are still unknown. According to previous assumptions, the device will have displays with a resolution of 8K and more than a dozen security cameras, and will be priced at $ 3,000. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, on the other hand, believes that the future headset will have 4K displays and 6-8 cameras as well as a cheaper price.


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