Users who have forgotten the password for the Apple Vision

Apple Vision Pro will have to be delivered to the service if you forget its password

Last week, Apple began shipping the Vision Pro augmented reality headset in the United States. According to representatives Bloombergthe first owners will have to face an unpleasant situation if they forget the password for the device: Apple will be able to unlock it only in a proprietary service, where the device will need to be sent for this manipulation.

  Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

Like other Apple devices, the Vision Pro headset allows several consecutive attempts to enter the access code, but if the user exhausts the available limit, even after the mandatory pause in such cases, it will be blocked. There is no way to remove the lock at home, and therefore the Vision Pro headset will have to be sent to Apple’s proprietary service, at the same time saying goodbye to all the data stored in the device’s memory, since there it will simply be reset to factory settings. Whether there will be a more end-user-friendly reset method in the future is not specified.

According to Bloomberg, Apple technical support staff were not prepared for such inconveniences, and are now forced to upset those users who find themselves in the same situation. The production version of the headset does not even have a USB-C port for connecting to Apple computers, which could be used for data backup or unlocking manipulations. However, the corresponding adapter is offered to developers for $300, but it is not sold to private Apple customers. According to Bloomberg, headset users are also having problems using the Optic ID feature, which allows authentication by scanning the iris of the eye.

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