Apple Vision Pro turned out to be surprisingly durable but

Apple Vision Pro turned out to be surprisingly durable, but it’s better not to drop it from a height

The Apple Vision Pro headset went on sale only the day before, but it has already undergone rigorous durability tests. As it turned out, the device has a fairly strong design, and you need to try to disable it.

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The Apple Vision Pro stress test was conducted by the authors YouTube channel AppleTrack. In the first stage, the tester put on a headset and began to walk around the house, deliberately crashing into doors and walls. The device withstood all impacts, maintaining functionality and receiving only minor scratches. In practice, the average user is more likely to injure themselves or suffer a concussion from hitting a wall than for the Vision Pro to become inoperative.

The weakest element of the design turned out to be the seal that holds the magnetic mount on the headset – it is quite unreliable. It is strictly not recommended to try to lift and carry the device while holding it by this seal. It comes off easily and the Apple Vision Pro falls to the floor. However, the headset was also not afraid of falling to the floor from a small height: it remained mostly intact and functional, although after several falls the strap partially broke and the right speaker failed.

The device was only able to cause significant damage on the eighth attempt, when it was dropped onto a hard surface from a height significantly exceeding human height. The protective glass on the external screen of the Apple Vision Pro broke, but did not scatter into fragments throughout the room, but became covered with cracks. It is noteworthy that both the internal and external EyeSight display continued to work, although the safety margin of the latter had apparently been exhausted by this point, since the protective glass had to be separated.


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