Apple unlocks NFC chip for third party payment systems in the

Apple unlocks NFC chip for third-party payment systems in the EU

Apple has opened access to the NFC chip in the iPhone to third-party applications to make contactless payments, MacRumors reports. However, the innovation will only affect users from the European Union. This was part of Apple’s largest mobile ecosystem transformation in history, in which the company made it possible to install applications on the iPhone bypassing the App Store.

    Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

As mentioned, NFC payments can be made through third-party apps without using Apple Pay or the Wallet app. This allows various payment services and banks to offer users their own one-touch payment solutions on Apple devices.

iPhone owners can select and install their favorite contactless payment application by default. It starts automatically when the iPhone is near the NFC terminal or when you double press the side button on the device. In other words, iPhone now offers native support for Tap-to-Pay payments, which doesn’t support Apple Pay.

It is noted that Apple requires third-party payment services that use NFC for payments to comply with industry security standards. For such applications, for example, there must be valid agreements with an authorized payment service provider. Additionally, access to NFC technology on iPhone is limited to banking apps and wallets used in the European Economic Area. Note that users from Europe can use contactless payments with iPhone via third-party applications anywhere in the world.

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