Apple to take almost 80% of the laptop Arm processor market in 2021

Strategy Analytics has seen a surge in shipments of Arm-based notebook processors. Moreover, the industry is rapidly expanding both in monetary and piece terms.

In the past year, shipments of Arm laptop chips are estimated to have jumped nine times in monetary terms compared to 2019. This year, as experts predict, the industry will show more than threefold growth: as a result, its volume will reach $ 949 million.

Apple takes the lion’s share of the market with its M1 processors. Analysts believe that in 2021, the “apple” empire will receive 79% of the total revenue in this segment.

In second place will be MediaTek with a score of 18%. “Bronze” will go to Qualcomm, which by the end of this year will be able to count on only 3% of the world market.

Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics

As for the shipments of Arm-chips for notebooks in piece terms, they, according to analysts, will more than double this year. As a result, such processors will occupy over 10% of the total supply of chips for laptop computers.

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