Apple sues sixth generation iPad mini for jelly scrolling

Apple sues sixth-generation iPad mini for ‘jelly scrolling’

Colorado resident Christopher Bryan filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday, accusing the company of fraudulently marketing and selling the sixth-generation iPad mini despite a massive defect known as “jelly scrolling.”

Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

Keep in mind that a few days after the sixth-generation iPad mini launched last September, some users noticed that when scrolling in portrait mode, the image on the left side of the screen lags slightly behind the right side of the display. This is particularly noticeable when scrolling text documents.

The lawsuit, filed in a Northern California court, alleges that Apple is aware of the defect but continues to sell the iPad mini without correcting the defect or changing its marketing materials to reflect the defect.

Recall that Apple said at the end of September last year that this behavior is normal for LCD displays. iFixit also said that this effect is specific to LCD screens, but suggested it might be more noticeable on the new tablet because the matrix controller board is installed vertically in the device, rather than horizontally like the fourth-gen iPad Air.

The lawsuit seeks damages for any US citizen who purchased a sixth-generation iPad mini.


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