Apple sues over randomly cracking displays on new MacBooks

A class action lawsuit filed against Apple in California. The claims were expressed by the owners of MacBook laptops on the M1 processor. As it became known earlier, cracks appear on computer screens even with normal use. The problem affected MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. In turn, Apple insists that the cracks appeared as a result of mechanical stress.



Despite the manufacturer’s assurances, computer owners continue to claim that the problem exists. Some have cracked screens after simply opening or closing the laptop lid, others claim that one day they just started using a computer and saw a crack. In some cases, Apple made repairs or replacements at its own expense, but in most cases, the costs are borne by the owners of the products.

Apple denies the problem is widespread, attributing the cracks to small debris between the screen and the keyboard – even in cases where it directly contradicts the facts presented by consumers.

The law firm Migliaccio & Rathod undertook to investigate the problem. According to her, cracks appeared after simply opening the laptop, while the owners did not use excessive efforts. In some cases, it was enough to try to adjust the angle of the display. One way or another, lawyers are sure, a reasonable consumer cannot assume that such actions can damage the device.

It has been speculated that the display used materials that are not strong enough to withstand normal mechanical pressures. The repair costs $ 600, but no one gives a guarantee that after the repair the problem will not arise again.

Migliaccio & Rathod’s lawyers urged all victims to contact them to draw up a class action claim. However, it turned out that another law firm, Bursor & Fisher, had already filed such an application in court.


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