Apple showed off the AR headset to its executives ahead

Apple showed off the AR headset to its executives ahead of the June announcement

Last week Apple held a private presentation of its latest development – a mixed reality headset. Accordingly reported According to Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman, 100 company executives attended the screening at the Steve Jobs Theater, where Apple has held all of its key presentations for the past few years.

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In the latest episode of his Power On mailing list, Gurman said the event marked an “important milestone” ahead of the headset’s public announcement scheduled for June. The purpose of this show was to gather the best Apple employees around the company’s new major platform.

Mark Gurman noted that Apple’s top executives were updated each year on how development of the mixed reality headset was progressing, but it was more like updating on progress on certain aspects of the project. And this time there was a demonstration of the whole device, which, according to the participants, left the impression of a significant event, “Flawless, brilliant and exciting.”

Gurman pointed out several flaws in the new device that could lead to potential problems when it goes on sale. This is a hefty price tag of around $3000, not obvious “breathtaking” an app that could catch the attention of users, the need to use an external battery that would have to be changed every two hours, and the design of the gadget that some testers found impractical. Additionally, the mixed reality headset is expected to initially be available with a limited selection of media content.

Hence, according to Gurman, Apple management “Sets a realistic tone in the company” to recognize that “This product will not be a hit immediately after release”as was already the case with the smartwatch Apple Watch or once with the iPhone.

As the analyst expects, the first version of the wearable device “will look like a ‘walkthrough’ compared to the company’s existing products”, but she still “Apple should become the market leader in mixed reality within a few months.” Apple is betting that consumer interest in the device will increase as subsequent versions come at lower prices in the future.


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