Apple removes FlickType keyboard for Apple Watch from App Store, then releases clone of it

Apple hosted a product announcement event yesterday. During the presentation of the Apple Watch, it was mentioned about the new full-fledged soft keyboard for smartwatches. Curiously, last month a nearly identical keyboard called FlickType was removed from the App Store.

Kosta Eleftheriou, the developer of FlickType, said Apple has begun rejecting updates to the app, claiming they require full access to the system. Eleftheriu challenged this fact, claiming that the app works without permissions. For a while, its Apple Watch keyboard remained in the App Store, but then the Californian tech giant removed it from the app store, saying that the keyboard could not be used on smartwatches.

Now Apple has announced its own nearly identical smartwatch keyboard, seven years after the first generation Apple Watch was released. Eleftheriu believes that there is no coincidence here, and Apple just stole the idea of ​​his product. The developer has already sued the company.

In the past, Apple has repeatedly used third-party ideas to create its own products. In the current environment, when developers are not in the best attitudes towards tech giants, such behavior by Apple can lead to unpleasant consequences for the company. Since she is based in California, her actions could be qualified as a direct violation of state unfair competition law.

We will remind, last week the court ruled in the case of Epic Games against Apple, banning the “apple” company to require developers to use only the App Store payment system.

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