Apple releases iOS 17 Developer Beta 3

Apple releases iOS 17 Developer Beta 3

Yesterday the latest third beta of iOS 17 became available for developers. It offers a number of improvements and updates that deserve attention. These changes include UI improvements, Health app improvements, Home app updates, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in iOS 17 Beta 3.

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Apple has been continuously improving its operating system and the latest iOS 17 Beta 3 update confirms this. In this version, special attention is paid to improving the user interface and functionality.

Now there is an icon in the Recently Deleted album instead of the separate Delete and Restore buttons. Clicking on it will open a menu with restore and erase options. This update greatly simplifies managing deleted photos and makes the process more intuitive.

If no images are selected, the available actions are Delete All and Restore All. However, when images are selected, it is possible to restore or delete specific images. When working with Live Photos, if you select one or more Live Photos and click the control icon, a new Save as Video feature will appear.

When deleting or restoring pictures with a person, the “Show this person less” function appeared.

Apple has made minor design changes to the Mental Wellness section of the Health app, making it more fluid with new color schemes. The colors of the various emotes have been changed so that the buttons and background now match the user’s current mood.

Very bad mood is now light purple with lots of blue and minimal red, neutral mood is teal, slightly improved mood is light green with lots of yellow, good mood is yellow instead of green, and very good mood is orange.

In addition, the ability to turn on mood reminders by schedule has been introduced. You can choose between noon and the end of the day or set a custom schedule.

Songwriters on Apple Music

The Apple Music app now gives you the option to view all songwriters. To do this, click on the icon with the three dots next to the currently playing song in the search results or in the playlist.

In the same section you can view the full lyrics, carried over from the usual drop-down list. It also provides information on available audio formats, including Lossless and Dolby Atmos.

home app

The Home app has a new popup that notifies users of the latest updates. Light sources that support different colors and shades now show presets at the bottom of the screen to allow for quick color changes. These settings are also available in Control Center when interacting with a specific light source.

Additionally, the Home app now supports activity history for the past month, which you can turn on or off as you see fit. This activity history shows events related to smart locks, garage doors, and home security systems.

It’s important to note that iOS 17 Beta 3 is currently only available to developers. However, Apple promises to release a public beta in July. This update is an important step in the development of Apple’s operating system and we look forward to future innovations.


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