Apple reinvents the iPod but in the form of a

Apple reinvents the iPod, but in the form of a smart case for AirPods

Apple submitted patent application, which describes a standalone device that supports music playback, video viewing, and e-book output without the need to connect a smartphone or smartwatch. According to the description, it is similar to an iPod media player, but different.

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We’re talking about a case for wireless headphones with an integrated handheld computer and touchscreen – there are tools for controlling music playback, watching movies, checking weather forecasts and even navigating with a mapping application.

According to the documents, Apple is trying to patent something similar to the iPod nano or iPod touch, but with a case to charge a TWS headphone. On the one hand, the ubiquitous insiders have not yet given any indication that such a gadget can exist in reality – it is only a patent. On the other hand, given Apple’s tendency to expand the capabilities of AirPods, the company could really consider such a project.

It is also possible that Apple decided to patent this idea so that it would not be caught by one of the competitors. However, the project described in the document is still curious, and with the entry into the market such a device would have a chance to find its audience.


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