Apple refused to restart Fortnite in South Korea

Following a law in South Korea directing Apple to allow the use of alternative payment systems for apps in the App Store, Epic Games has asked Apple to reinstate a Fortnite developer account in order to release the game in that country. Apple refused.



On the official Fortnite Epic Games Twitter stated: “Epic has asked Apple to restore our Fortnite developer account. Epic intends to re-release Fortnite for iOS in Korea, offering payments through Epic and Apple in parallel under the new Korean law. “… The law will come into force on September 15th.

Apple responded by saying that Epic Games will need to agree to abide by App Store guidelines – any requests to restore an Epic Games developer account will not be considered until an agreement is made.

“We will welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if it agrees to play by the same rules as everyone else.”Apple said in a statement via email. The company also said that even with the entry into force of the new law, Apple will not have any new obligations in this case: the document does not say anything about approving applications for the restoration of accounts in the developer program.

Recall that last August, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store just hours after Epic added the ability to bypass Apple’s system of payments. A similar measure was taken by Google, after which Epic filed lawsuits against both companies. This forced Apple and Google to make concessions for some developers. Epic and Apple’s trial has already ended, but a decision has yet to be made.


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