Apple predicted a deterioration in the user experience on the

Apple predicted a deterioration in the user experience on the iPhone in Europe due to a new law

Due to Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which forced Apple to make changes to the App Store, the user experience in the region will improve “Not as good as the rest of the world” — The company will be less able to detect and respond to fraud. The words of App Store boss Phil Schiller are quoted by Financial Times.

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To comply with new European laws and appease local regulators, Apple had to make historic changes to iOS, the App Store and the Safari browser. iPhone users have access to third-party app stores and can download software bypassing the App Store, microtransaction fees for developers are reduced, and access to alternative payment systems is simplified. Phil Schiller, an Apple veteran who once ran the marketing machine, warned that attempts to break the company’s closed software ecosystem would undermine its efforts to ensure privacy and security.

“This is not our choice. We always want to meet the highest standards around the world, but we also need to comply with legal regulations in local markets. We have a variety of signals in the App Store that we look for daily to identify and stop scams. Because of these new businesses [приложений] We will not have the opportunity to see these issues.”explained Schiller.

To meet DMA requirements, Apple is introducing a new fee structure in the EU. The commission for payments through applications from the App Store is reduced from 30% to 17%; A 3% commission is charged for payments made through the Apple system. A “Core Technology Fee” of US$0.50 will be introduced for each first installation of an application of the year with an audience of more than 1 million users.

Apple is introducing a procedure for checking applications for the presence of malicious content, as well as an authorization system for alternative app stores for iOS – they must comply with certain security standards. “There are risks for developers. Will there be others? [магазины] Allow imitation [известных] Applications, pirated applications and do they provide good visibility of their technologies? asks Phil Schiller.

The new rules also require Apple to allow the development of full-fledged alternative Safari browsers for the iPhone, and users will be given an explicit choice about which browser to use by default. However, all of these innovations currently only apply to residents of the EU, where the DMA comes into force.


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