Apple postponed the launch of the system to detect prohibited photos on the iPhone

Earlier this month, Apple announced its intention to deploy software to user devices to search for images of child abuse scenes. This initiative was heavily criticized, under the pressure of which Apple announced the postponement of the launch of a new feature and the need for its improvement.

Image: Apple Unsider

Image: Apple Unsider

An email that Apple sent to some members of the media said the company listened to the public’s reaction and decided to postpone the launch of a custom photo scanning system. “Last month, we announced plans to introduce features to help protect children from criminals who use communications to recruit and exploit them, and to limit the distribution of child sexual abuse material. Based on feedback from customers, advocacy groups, researchers and others, we decided to take additional time in the coming months to gather information and make improvements before launching these critical child safety features. “, – said in a message from Apple.

At the same time, the letter does not specify how the company intends to collect additional information and with whom it plans to consult to improve the photo scanning function. Initially, it was assumed that the innovation will become part of iOS 15, the launch of which should take place this fall.


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