Apple no longer repairs lost or stolen iPhones

Apple no longer repairs lost or stolen iPhones

Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers now receive a notification when a customer brings a stolen or lost iPhone for repair. This was reported in a company memo reviewed by MacRumors.

The company has reportedly required that Apple Stores and authorized repairers not accept smartphones for repair if the device has been marked as lost, stolen or fraudulently purchased on MobileGenius or GSX internal systems. Apparently, Apple Tech now checks the device’s IMEI in the GSMA device registry when a customer brings it in for repair.

The GSMA Device Registry is a global database that allows customers to report the theft or loss of their devices.

It is expected that this measure will discourage the purchase of a used device as it can be stolen. However, users can simply contact an unauthorized repair shop, for which it does not matter where the device was purchased.



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